Summer Kyu Test

July 22, 2021

Lahaina Dojo held a kyu examination for eligible color belts in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii on July 9, 2021. Two groups of students tested - younger kids as well as more advanced kids and adults.

It was a hot summer day making the test physically exhausting, but the students' showed strong spirit to overcome the weather conditions. The examenees demonstrated their progress in basic karate techniques - blocks, kicks, and punches.

Basic techniques test Basic techniques test

Also those taking the test showed off traditional Shotokan karate kata that they worked on to advance to the next level.

Kata Tekki Shodan

Due to social distancing requirements, the students were asked to do kumite drills a few feet apart from each other.

After the test, Lahaina Dojo head instructor Walter Chihara told the students he was happy with the progress in karate-do that the students demonstrated. After reviewing the notes of the panel, Walter sensei announced that everyone who participated in the examination moved up to the next kyu level.

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