Lahaina Dojo holds a kyu exam

April 10, 2022

In the first week of April 2022 Lahaina Dojo held kyu tests for color belts at the main dojo in Lahaina Civic Center on Maui.

The students demonstrated their progress in Shotokan karate - basic techniques (blocks, kicks, and punches), the traditional karate forms (also known as kata) that they have been learning, and sparring skills appropriate for their level.

Following a short warm-up led by Senpai Gina, the test began with kihon - karate fundamental techniques.

April 2022 basic techniques test

After the kihon part of the test, the students showed off their chosen kata that they worked on to advance to the next level.

April 2022 forms test

And then following kata, the students demonstrated basic sparring drills matching their belt level.

April 2022 sparring test

At the beginning of the following class, Lahaina Dojo head instructor Walter Chihara encouraged the students to continue their hard work in studying traditional Karate-do and announced that all tested students moved up to the next kyu level.

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